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Type Table Report
Report group Common
Access Common (others can view it)


Initial Defines the results when the report is first displayed
Dynamic Defines how your users can refine and search the report when viewing it

The default dynamic filters are:
Select up to 5 dynamic filters
    Maximum number of filters selected
    (Dynamic filters won't be turned on in this report)


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    Turn on Sort groups by starting field to reorder your top-level groupings and show them in chronological order. Within each group, subgroups will also sort chronologically.

    If you care most about WHEN things are happening and like to tackle the earliest items first, this feature's for you. For example, say you've created a timeline of tasks and grouped it by project. In that case, the project headings appear in alphabetical order. But, if you select the Sort groups by starting field checkbox, QuickBase reorders your timeline. The project containing the task with the earliest start date moves to the top of the list. This chronological order creates a cascade effect, as in the illustration.